Welcome to Ye's Homepage!


Hi, my name is Ye Wang. I’m currently a predoctoral researcher at UC San Diego and a PhD candidate at the Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University. I earned a BS degree in mathematics from Fudan University and a MA degree in economics from Peking University before entering the PhD program.

I study political methodology and comparative politics. As a methodologist, I develop statistical tools to investigate the spillover effects of policies or events in time, space, and social networks, as well as to improve the transparency of research designs and hypothesis testing. My work was awarded the John T. Williams Prize by the Society for Political Methodology in 2020. As a comparativist, I apply these methods to understand the role of social learning in shaping people's views and actions under non-democratic regimes, and the interaction between contentious and electoral politics. 

You can reach me via email: ye.wang [at] nyu.edu.