"Electoral Impacts of A Failed Uprising: Evidence from Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement"

(with Stan Hok-Wui Wong). ​Electoral Studies, Vol. 71, June 2021.  Post-print  Pre-print  Appendix  Replication data


* Political Methodology

"Causal Inference under Temporal and Spatial Interference." Pre-print Appendix

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"Pandering Politicians: Ideological Changes in Primary and General Elections" (with William Godel and Evgenii Nitikin). 

​* Authoritarianism

"Geographical Diffusion of Protests in China: Evidence from Social Media" (with Han Zhang and Mengyang Zhao). 


* Political Methodology

"Regression Discontinuity Designs for High-frequency Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data" (with Yiqing Xu and Junlong Aaron Zhou).

"Generalizing Covariate-tightened Trimming Bounds for Sample Selection Using Adaptive Kernels" (with Cyrus Samii and Junlong Aaron Zhou).

"Design Based Analysis of Moderator Effects" (with Cyrus Samii).

​* Authoritarianism

"The Impact of  International Tensions on Scientific Output: Evidence from NIH Investigations of Scientists with Ties to China" (with Ruixue Jia, Margaret Roberts, and Eddie Yang).

"When Do Citizens Become Dissidents? Experimental Evidence from Hong Kong’s Anti-reclamation

Movement" (with Stan Hok-Wui Wong).

"Opinion Leaders in a Leaderless Protest: Social Network Analysis of a Hong Kong Forum during the Anti-extradition Movement" (with Stan Hok-Wui Wong).



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